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All Automation Hub Products & features
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All Automation Hub Products & features
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Document Automation Hub Pricing

Automation Hub products & features
Unit cost
Workflow Automation
DocGen API
Generate documents from DOCX templates, pre‑fill them with dynamic data of any size using field tags, and add conditional logic.
1 / doc
Forms API
Create forms that adapt based on user inputs, pre-fill fields with backend data, and provide a mobile-friendly experience for form completion.
1 / doc
Flows API
Use this API together with WorkFlow web app to kick off document automation workflows from inside internal or third‑party systems.
1 / flow
eSignature & Clickwrap
eSignature API
Embed legally‑binding eSignature into your app to send documents for signing, request payments, create fillable templates, and track documents’ status.
Clickwrap API
Generate a user consent URL and enable users to agree on certain terms and conditions or before eSigning specific documents.
0.5 / call
PDF / Document Editing
PDF Editing API
Embed editing features to allow users to annotate and make edits to PDF documents without leaving your application.
1 / doc
Merge and split documents, convert PDF files to other formats, password‑protect, print, and export PDF forms online.
0.2 / doc
Legal Templates
US Legal Forms API
Build a catalog of legal forms that your users can search, preview, and download from the US Legal Forms library of over 25,000 forms and packages.
10 / download

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Our user reviews speak for themselves

Shermaine Chloe G.
Employee Services Manager
“The best thing about WorkFlow is how they‘ve made it very easy for people without a programming background to set up flows.”
Adam Beaty
Bullogic Wealth Management
“The ease of being able to create forms, PDFs, and other documents that link right into Salesforce has been instrumental in cutting down our processing times and increasing our customer satisfaction.”
Jim Royster
“The Bots and workflow routing have been beneficial in allowing us to pull data from Salesforce, pre‑fill documents, and then route those documents to various clients for signature.”
Guillermo Gameros
“I would highly recommend WorkFlow to any business leader who is looking to increase efficiency in their workforce. My team and I have gained precious minutes in our prospecting time.”
Sam Ginzberg
Royal Care
“Great tool for automation! No need for dual entry eliminated the risk of errors. Completing paperwork and getting signatures turned into a breeze.”
Michael Moore
Transition Insurance Agency
“WorkFlow has been a great addition to our business! It integrates well with Salesforce allowing our team to seamlessly get custom documents ready for signatures within our Salesforce record!”
Julia Whitfield
Champ Plan Advisors
“Amazing Platform, customized for our special needs! Sophisticated, smart & cutting-edge!”
Menachem Tauber
Lubavitch Educational Center
“Automations that took me over 100 hours using Google sheets and scripts, can now be set up in WorkFlow in just 20‑30 hours.”
Brian Del Terzo
“There is no more all inclusive workflow solution like it!”
Mark Mc Nichol
In At The Deep End
“We’re getting information and data back from customers, and internal HR related documents quicker than ever before.”
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Why Document Automation Hub?

The Hub is built for developers who need to unify disparate automation solutions that aren’t meant to work together. From collecting payments and signatures, to generating documents, the Hub simplifies the operational space between customer‑facing and back‑office teams.
Developer‑centric automation API tools in one place
A flexible solution that unifies every API on your application or website
Reduced cost of deployment and application maintenance
Best‑in‑class documentation to help you jump in and start scaling fast

Frequently asked questions

What is a credit?
Credit is a unit we use to provide transparent pricing for you. Based on the API product you use, the credit might be a different unit and have different costs (for example for DocGen API you need 1 Credit per 1 document generated; for eSignature API you would need 2 Credits per one signature invite, etc.).
What is a credit and how many credits do I need?
Document Automation Hub pricing is based on credits so that you can gain access to all its products under one subscription. To calculate how many credits you need, we recommend checking how many credits the API you plan to use costs per action (document, call or signature invite) and multiplying by how many actions you expect per year. If you need help understanding credits or which subscription tier is best for you, contact our sales team.
Can I test Document Automation Hub APIs for free?
Of course! You can create your developer test account and build your test application with any Document Automation Hub product for free. Sign up here
What if I need help?
If you are stuck in the development process or need more information, contact our solution engineering team. You can also check out the Document Automation Hub documentation or Contact Sales
How many credits do I need?
Calculate how many documents you usually process within a year — edit, eSign, fill out, and publish to collect information. Based on the number of documents you need, use a pricing calculator and we calculate the number of Credits you need and recommend Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Enterprise subscription plan. Also you can see at the table above giving an idea of credits per each API and their cost.
How is my API subscription's pricing calculated?
API subscription pricing is based on the cost of a single unit cost (unit cost is a credit and might be a document, API call or signature invite depending on what you use) multiplied by the number of credits needed to perform API in a particular subscription plan. Thus the higher the subscription plan tier is, the lower the price for a single credit. You will automatically receive higher % volume discounts as your plan grows.
What is a workspace?
Workspace is an environment where you can design, integrate, and automate document workflows, collaborate with teammates, as well as maintain your business tasks in accordance with your role and access rights. You would need a Workspace if you going to use DocGen API, Forms API, Flows API.
Do I need a separate WorkFlow web app plan to use Flows API?
You don’t need a separate WorkFlow subscription as with any Document Automation Hub plan you get the WorkFlow corresponding plan with one seat for free. Please note that the actions you use in the core WorkFlow product will be tracked and will use credits.

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