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Workflow Automation

Forms API
Create forms that adapt based on user inputs, pre-fill fields with backend data, and provide a mobile-friendly experience for form completion.
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DocGen API
Generate documents from DOCX templates, pre‑fill them with dynamic data of any size using field tags, and add conditional logic.
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Flows API
Run automated document workflows from your app or website — launch WorkFlow processes to transfer data and documents between external systems.
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PDF & Document Editing

PDF Editing API
Embed editing features to allow users to annotate and make edits to PDF documents without leaving your application.
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Merge and split documents, convert PDF files to other formats, password-protect, print, and export PDF forms online.

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Forms API: An easy-to-use API for mobile-friendly web forms
Forms — ugh. Managing their workflows and data is a tedious and repetitive task. Fortunately, airSlate’s Document Automation Hub API enables developers to build end-to-end document automation services that support the inclusion of forms. The steps in the workflow involving forms can be integrated with steps involving PDFs and other types of documents.
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Building an automated patient onboarding app with APIs
Healthcare organizations increasingly utilize document automation to manage and send critical patient communications. Healthcare professionals recognize that healthcare communications are much faster and cheaper when done electronically, using paperless document automation services that can track each step of a standard process. Healthcare document management software streamlines and automates your patient communication workflow, making it easier… Read more →
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airSlate introduces Document Automation Hub: Enabling developers to access multiple APIs from a unified platform
airSlate, which offers an all-in-one document workflow automation solution, is introducing Document Automation Hub. With its help, developers can access, manage, and automate a comprehensive suite of document workflow APIs from one location. By seamlessly integrating PDF editing, document generation, data collection, eSignature, and forms, the Document Automation Hub aims to revolutionize the development process… Read more →
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Automate eSignature and document workflows for purchase orders: A developer’s guide
At many companies, it’s common to have the ability to generate purchase orders from data housed in your CRM, ERP, or backend systems. What’s missing is automating the process of getting those documents signed and approved following your company’s business practices. You need a solution that offers seamless integration with your existing systems and is… Read more →
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Document generation using API: Create and automate an NDA Flow for a new employee using simple API calls
The airSlate API empowers even non-tech-savvy users to integrate document generation functionality into their native software – websites, CRMs, and custom applications. Citizen developers can use well-documented endpoints to create pre-filled documents, distribute them among recipients, and save executed documents to the cloud.
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How to build dynamic webforms using API: A step-by-step guide
Webforms are a versatile and valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. They help generate leads, increase conversions, and improve the customer experience.  airSlate has developed Document Automation Hub, a comprehensive suite of APIs for organizations whose needs go beyond just eSignature and are looking to fully automate their document processes within their applications. Document… Read more →
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New airSlate API to empower developers and IT teams to create customized, flexible data integrations
airSlate, which offers an all-in-one document workflow automation solution, is introducing a robust API.
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signNow API empowers businesses to integrate eSignature features into any application
The intuitive and powerful signNow API by airSlate provides users with a seamless eSignature experience within any website, CRM, or custom app. As the demand for API technology is rapidly increasing, signNow reports that the number of signNow API users grew by 130% over the past year. ISVs of all sizes trust signNow and are… Read more →

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